<<It was clear that we are a good match to organize an Encuentro Milonguero from all the work we have done for Tres Besos and the experiences we gained. So we were looking for another opportunity to invite our close tango friends in Spring, but with an emphasis on a more cozy frame regarding the amount of dancers and the size of the venue. 

The first time we drew nearer to the barn, we were enchanted by the nice area - quiet, green and away from the hectic city life, but still very close to the center. The main room in the barn with a high ceiling, the woodwork  and natural light through the windows was nice, but was the parquet ready to dance Tango? It was, as we quickly found out. What a relief! Already quite convinced about the venue, the friendly lady in charge mentioned some parrots. We searched and found beautiful parrots around the corner and one of them was talking with Irma! It was obvious: this should be *the* place.

Because of this happening and because we both adore Troilo, we wanted to call this Encuentro "Cotorrita de la suerte" or something similar, but the lyrics of this Tango are just so sad. After some weeks of brainstorming, Irma suggested "Bomboncito". This Tango by Salamanca has got very positive lyrics and we liked the idea of creating an event for friends who treat us always so friendly, positive and sweet. The idea was born... >>

So, dear Friends, Milongueras y Tangueros,


Come to dance with us in this barn. There is a good wooden floor for approx. 140 dancers, a professional sound equipment, no separate seating and downstairs is a coffee-area to relax. Adjacent to the barn is another building where we are going to organize brunch and dinners.


The love for Tango, the passion for music, the spirit for friendship and respect for each other shall be the connection between all of us.


You are welcome to join us at 1. Encuentro Milonguero Bomboncito

Irma & Gregor